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Patio & French Doors in Colchester

History of Patio & French Doors

Patio doors and French doors were originally made from wood and iron for added style.


Today, they are made from a variety of materials like wood, PVC or aluminium.

The term ‘Patio Doors’, also known as sliding doors, have increased in popularity over time to cover all types of doors that open out either onto your garden/patio area or into your living area.


They are practical and stylish, no matter how you intend on using them.

What is the Difference between Patio & French Doors?

Patio Doors

Patio doors create a much wider opening entrance, so you can make the most of your space. If you want to enjoy the sight of your garden view, patio doors definitely offer wider views from their larger glass panels, so your view won't be restricted.

They are beneficial with restricted space, both externally or internally, because they don’t protrude from the line of your wall when they open. Patio doors provide a more modern appearance so are suited best to a contemporary property.

French Doors

French doors traditionally open outwards, on a double hinge. Their classic design generally compliments period and heritage properties best. With French doors you can open one or two, due to their practical features.

One benefit is that you can use the wide open space to move any large furniture items into your home. The chunkier frame of French doors is perfect for those who like a traditional style of decor.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking to enhance your home, then look no further. At FV Conservatories we provide a stunning range of modern patio doors.


Patio doors are a great investment for your home, whether you’re renovating a period property or putting the finishing touches on a new-build.


They bring in floods of natural light, connect the outside to the inside as well as give off a lovely impression to your home guests.

Our uPVC Patio and French doors are maintenance FREE due to their robust, weatherproof designs, so will make your life much easier.


We will also provide you with excellent Thermal Efficiency, which will allow you to make some great savings!

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